A few construction notes and photos...

June 29, 2010

This picture is of the bottom of our mash/lauter tun. The motor in the middle powers the mash rakes that churn the grist during the mash and prevent the grain from clumping together during the mash. Grain that clumps together will not become solubilized and will not be accessable to the enzymes that convert starch to sugar. The mash rakes allow for better efficiency by breaking up the clumps or “dough balls”. We opted for the bottom mounted motor to avoid any residue from the motor dripping into the mash. The blue handle on the left is for the grain out port on the bottom of the mash tun. We’ll open the port and shift the angle of the mash rakes so they force the spent grain out through the bottom of the mash tun as they rotate.

30 horse power boiler that provides 150 psig of steam to power the brew kettle.

Main office with event pavilion in background

Main hallway of brewery

We had Pedernales Electric out to boost the power available to the brewery to 480 volts