Barrels, barrels everywhere, but not a drop to drink...yet.

December 2, 2010

We had a tasting panel last weekend and the consensus for our farmhouse ales was more time. Boxer’s Revenge and Das Wunderkind! have been in wine barrels with wild yeast for about six weeks and both still taste very much like fresh farmhouse ale. We’re waiting for a little more wild yeast complexity to develop before releasing them.

We’ve brewed the second batch of each beer so there won’t be a big lag time between the first and second release. There’s a decent chance that the third batch will be brewed and in the barrels before the first one gets kegged and bottled. Our goal is to build up waves of wild fermentations so we can make Das Wunderkind! and Boxer’s Revenge year-round beers.

Our first order of bottles have arrived. They’re amber, 750mL champagne-style bottles with 29mm crown caps. We have a gravity-fed, wine bottle filler at the brewery to do bottle conditioned beer. We’ll be bottling Wytchmaker Rye IPA and Commercial Suicide Dark Mild (as well as the whiskey barrel version) fairly soon. We have label approval for Commercial Suicide, but expect another six to eight weeks before you start seeing bottles on the shelves in Texas.

We’ll also be bottling our first winter seasonal release that we brewed on Tuesday. More on that soon.