Commercial Suicide to Make Austin Debut Saturday; Wytchmaker to Follow

October 21, 2010

We’ll have a cask of Commercial Suicide Oaked Dark Mild at Draught House on Saturday for their anniversary party. Commercial Suicide is a 3.3% ABV English-style dark mild with about 30% of the beer aged in Kentucky oak barrels. The oak character is pretty subtle on our first blend. The cask we sent to Draught House was dry hopped with whole leaf Yakima Golding.

No promises yet, but we hope to debut Wytchmaker Rye India Pale Ale during Austin Beer Week. It’s a 7% ABV India Pale Ale brewed with 15% Weyermann malted rye from Germany. Our overall philosophy as a brewery is to somewhat eschew the “extreme beer” movement by focusing on smaller beer with mixed fermentations (i.e. saccharomyces, wild yeast and bacteria), but Wytchmaker is for now our one indulgence. We hop Wytchmaker at a rate of just over 3 pounds per barrel (~2 lbs. per barrel kettle; ~1 lb. per barrel dry hop) with with a blend of Cascade and Centennial. We mashed it low and didn’t use much unfermentables to get it to finish dry and drinkable. It’s cold conditioning right now and finished at about 2.3 Plato.

If we’re happy with how Wytchmaker conditions and clarifies over the next several days, we’ll release it during Austin Beer Week.