Construction Update: Concrete Foundation Poured

April 21, 2010

On Tuesday the concrete foundation for the Jester King brewery was poured. We were very happy with how it turned out. The concrete surface is nice and smooth and water flowed well along the sloped floors toward the trench drain. It was exciting to see the brewery take another step forward toward being finished.

With construction starting at 4:30am, we had to get up pretty early as you can tell from looking at Michael here.

The site was lit up for the first few hours of construction.

We poured a little beer (Real Ale Devil’s Backbone) into the foundation for good fortune.

Trucks dumped loads of cement into the mobile pumping station, which distributed cement throughout the foundation.

We had a third grade class from a school nearby show up for a field trip. Michael spoke to the kids about how the construction is taking place.

The audio gets better at 1:30 mark.

After listening to the talk, the kids got to have a little fun throwing rocks into wet cement. We love the sound of the effort the last kid makes throwing the big rock.

Sunset at the Jester King brewery site.