Jester King La Danse Macabre Imperial Stout Mentioned in Liquid Austin

April 16, 2010

We were very happy that Patrick Beach of the Austin American Statesman was able to make it to the ground breaking party last week. In addition to many other things, Pat does a wonderful job covering craft beer in Austin. He had some nice things to say about our pilot batch of La Danse Macabre Imperial Stout in Liquid Austin:

“And I’ve got to say, that La Danse Macabre Imperial Stout will blow your mind. It’s right up there with any imperial stout I’ve had, and if you’re thinking, “Even Old Rasputin?” the answer is yes.”

We can’t wait to scale this one up in our brew house to make the beer truly worthy of the praise.

We plan on releasing the majority of each batch of La Danse Macabre with a 100% stainless steel fermentation. The remaining beer will be aged in various varieties of oak barrels such as bourbon, scotch and brandy. We’ll also add sour cherries and wild yeast (brettanomyces and lactobacillus) to this beer and blend the result into something that we think will be truly special. We hope craft beer drinkers in Texas will too.