Putting Commercial Suicide in Oak Barrels

September 30, 2010

On Monday we brewed Commercial Suicide — our 3% ABV, English-style dark mild partially fermented in new, medium toast American oak barrels. After reaching high krausen, we transferred about 30% of the beer to three new barrels made from Kentucky oak. The smell of the oak in the brewery was really pleasant as we prepped and filled the barrels.

We expect the contact time in oak to be pretty brief given the intensity of the new barrels. After allowing the portion of the mild in the oak barrels to ferment out, we’ll blend it back to the remaining portion still in the stainless steel fermenter. We’re excited about putting this beer in firkins and serving it as cask-conditioned ale.

New 60 gallon, medium toast, Kentucky oak barrels

Swelling the wood to prevent leaks and sanitizing the barrels with a hot water soak

Purging the barrels with CO2

Filling the Barrels