Construction: Plumbing and Electrical Installed; John Henry Channeled

April 5, 2010

Friday and the weekend were a tribute to using your hands to fight back against the commoditized forces of monolithic industry (e.g. flavorless industrial beer) as was so greatly allegorized by the immortal Johnny Cash in “The Ballad of John Henry’s Hammer”.

Ok. Maybe just the plumbing and electrical pipe got installed, but it felt that way to us.

We spent Friday and a good part of the weekend installing the plumbing the electrical pipes for the brewery. Our goal was to get all the pipes installed before the construction crew shows back up to put in the steel support beams and pour the concrete foundation. Basically, the last few days have involved hammering pick axes and shovels into hard soil. There’s been sore backs and blistered hands all around. The good thing though is that by installing the plumbing and electrical ourselves we’re saving about $12K. The weather has been beautiful though and its been fun and fulfilling installing the systems that will make the brewery run. Here are some pictures from the past few days:

Michael Wielding a Pick Axe

Joe Shoveling Soil

Jeff and Joe Digging a Trench for the Plumbing

Michael Carrying PVC Pipe for the Plumbing System


Joe Taking a Breather

Electrical Pipe

Even the Little Ones Helped Out

End of the Day


Star Scape