Construction Update: Building Starts Going Up

May 6, 2010

During the last week the building that will house the Jester King brewery has started to go up. It’s been a bit of a jigsaw puzzle reassembling the building without any instructions. We’ve had to cut and bend a lot of metal to make things fit. We’re squeezing every bit of daylight out of the day to get the building up since our brewhouse is scheduled to arrive from Newlands Systems later this month.

We’re pretty happy with the ceiling height, which will allow for 120 barrel conical fermenters to fit under the roof. Although there’s a big part of me that would like to rip them all out and put in shallow, open air fermenters. I’m of the opinion that cylindro-conical fermenters are part of the industrialization and commodification of beer and detract from the character and complexity of beer that was historically fermented in shallow, open air vessels. Anyhow, here are some pictures and videos of our work:

Welding the Support Beams to the Foundation

Using the Plasma Cutter

The Construction Crew

Michael Driving a Fork Lift

Michael’s New Home

Future Site of the Barrel Cellar